Every year the DOCU/CLUB team releases new collections for the Network. What films are featured in the ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’ collections? What is the focus of this year's educational events? Find out more in the news about the release of the new collection.
5 May 2020

We start a new stage with the release of the sixth collection. Traditionally, the collection is divided into ‘Yellow’, designed for film clubs in schools, universities, NGOs and libraries, and ‘Green’ for educational establishments of State penitentiary service of Ukraine. This year's selection includes many projects that have been honored at Docudays UA in recent years: the film, which was shortlisted for the Oscars, as well as three films by young Ukrainian directors, created within the Civil Pitch platform. While working on these projects, the documentary filmmakers and the activists created new documentaries that promote changes in society. The new collection also includes the film Bully directed by Lee Hirsch. Thanks to which the All-Ukrainian Campaign against cyberbullying took place where Docudays UA film clubs also participated.

The whole team is involved into the process of creating the collections: the management, human rights experts, programming department, communication department, and technical department. Everyone is working on the main task: to create a selection that could provide the best tools for the Network operation and select films that could address important issues to the audience, taking into account its specifics. This year, the new collection also had a special focus on reforms and advocacy activities. To work on the scripts we  involved experts from different fields who have a vision of what legal basis is needed for tangible changes.Twelve films were included in the collection for the high schools students, students and youth:

  1.  Under the Sun / У променях сонця / Віталій Манський /Росія, Латвія, Німеччина, Чехія, Північна Корея 2015 / 106’

  2.   Ash and Money / Звідки з'являється пил і куди зникають гроші / Тійт Оясоо, Ене-Лііс Семпер /Естонія 2014 / 98’

  3.  The Grown-Ups / Дорослі / Майте Альберді / Чилі 2017/ 82’
  4.   Sodiq / Содік / Адейємі Майкл / Великобританія 2013 /44’

  5.  Mustard in the Gardens / Гірчиця в садах /  Пьотр Армяновський / Україна 2017 / 37’
  6. Champion / Чемпіонка /  Мате Барта / Угорщина 2017 / 20’
  7. My Home / Яма /  Їржі Стейскал / Чехія 2014 / 84’ 
  8. Bully / Булер / Лі Гірш / США 2011 / 47'

  9.  No status. Ukraine / Без статусу. Україна /  Дмитро Тяжлов / Україна 2019 / 35’
  10. Shut the fuck up! / Ти, бля, рота закрий! /  Таїсія Кутузова / Україна 2019 / 27'

  11. Facade colour: blue / Колір фасаду: синій /  Олексій Радинський / Україна 2019 / 23'

  12. Shrove Sunday / Прощена неділя / Діна Барінова / Росія 2013 / 32’
  13. A Goat for a Vote / Цап за голос / Єрун ван Велзен / Нідерланди 2013 /51’

  14. Hamama & Caluna / Хамама та Калуна /  Швейцарія, Німеччина, Італія 2018 / 23’

  15. Biotope / Біотоп / Пaуль Шольтен / Німеччина 2018 / 12’

  16. Film for Carlos / Кіно для Карлоса / Ренато Боррайо Серрано / Росія 2017 / 31’

  17. Silent War / Мовчазна війна /  Манон Луазо / Франція, Швейцарія 2017 / 72’

  18. The Distant Barking of Dogs / Віддалений гавкіт собак /Сімон Леренґ Вільмонт / Данія, Фінляндія, Швеція 2017 / 86’

Seven films were included in the collection for educational institutions of State penitentiary and probation service of Ukraine

  1. Under the Sun/ У променях сонця/ Vitaly Mansky/ Russia, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, North Korea 2015 / 106’2. 
  2. Ash and Money/ Звідки з'являється пил і куди зникають гроші / ТTiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper / Estonia 2014 / 98’3.
  3. A Goat for a Vote / Цап за голос /Jeroen van Velzen/ The Netherlands / 2013 /51’4.
  4. Mustard in the Gardens / Гірчиця в садах / Piotr Armianovski / Ukraine 2017 / 37’5.
  5. The Distant Barking of Dogs/ Віддалений гавкіт собак / Simon Lereng Wilmont / Denmark, Finland, Sweden 2017 / 86’6.
  6. My Home/ Яма / Jiří Stejskal / Czech Republic 2014 / 84’7. Sodiq/ Содік / Adeyemi Michael / UK 2013 /44’
  7. Sodiq / Содік / Адейємі Майкл / Великобританія 2013 /44’

The films are listed on the DOCU/CLUB website for the convenience of registered users. Films from all collections can be found at this link. Scripts for human rights educational events based on Docudays UA films from the new collection are posted on the DOCU/CLUB website. The release of the seventh collection is scheduled for the first half of the summer.

The film collections of International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA are created for the DOCU/CLUB Network and aim to expand the dialogue on human rights in Ukrainian society, increase the level of legal consciousness and civic activism in Ukraine. Each collection is accompanied by manuals with scripts and methodological guidelines for screenings and classes. Experienced specialists in media education develop media tools and methodology to engage Ukrainian citizens in the dialogue on their rights through Docudays UA Film Club Network.

Photo: Volodymyr Shuvayev , Docudays UA opening ceremony.

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