As a rule, in everyday life we do not think much about the existence of discrimination. Not until ourselves, our relatives or friends encounter the limitation of our rights. However, only few of us succeed in restoration of our rights or in access to a service, which was previously refused. This usually happens because we do not know how to act in the case of discrimination. 
The campaign organizers, including Coalition for Discrimination Counteraction in Ukraine, Center for Human Rights Information, with support of Pact, Inc. in Ukraine and International Renaissance Foundation, for everyone who is willing to learn more about human rights violations in Ukraine, and to understand how to counteract them.
Organizers point out that discrimination concerns everyone. They support their statement with simple examples: “Have you ever received an employment refusal because you were just 20 years old? This is discrimination. They have not hired you because you have already turned 40? This is discrimination. They refused to hire you because you are... a woman? You cannot get into a shop, because they have stairs, and you are on a wheelchair? This is discrimination... Do you have “wrong” nationality? “Wrong” sexual orientation?..”

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