The DOCU/CLUB Network is one of the strategic vectors of the NGO Docudays, aimed at raising awareness of human rights and providing Ukrainians with free access to the best documentary films from all over the world. Using films and discussions, we spread knowledge about human rights and methods of their protection, form an understanding of human dignity as the highest value of Ukrainian society, develop civic activism, and create an engaged civil society.

The Network currently includes more than 400 film clubs that operate as independent initiative groups at civic, state, and municipal institutions throughout Ukraine.

The uniqueness of the DOCU/CLUB Network lies in its principles of self-governance, decentralization, and the use of cinema as a powerful tool for creating change, since a significant part of the DOCU/CLUB Network's collection comprises impact films. Their screenings and discussions take place all over the country, in big cities and small villages. The DOCU/CLUB Network collection includes more than 130 films from the media library of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, including the winners of the Sundance Film Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Watch Docs, and other major festivals. The films are translated and dubbed into Ukrainian. Each film is accompanied by a discussion script developed by human rights experts, as well as interactive exercises and other methodological materials.

To increase the level of legal consciousness and awareness of citizens of Ukraine in sphere of human rights by providing human rights defenders, pedagogues, civil society leaders, employees of penitentiary system with media instruments and methodology for creation of constantly acting film clubs of media education in human rights Docudays UA
If you wish to use the film-collection of Docudays UA International Human Rights Film Festival, we invite you to join the network of permanent Docudays UA educational film clubs on human rights