«Docu/Clubs network for reforms» is a two-year nationwide project that promotes local development and democratic reforms in the field of human rights, as well as aims to collaborate and build the capacity of local authorities and civil society. This project is funded by the European Union.


The project envisages to:


1/ create a collection of 60 thematic documentaries on various aspects of human rights and reforms, adapt these films to screenings (sound, video remastering, translation, create subtitles and descriptive subtitles, and audio descriptions for people with disabilities), develop appropriate scenarios for film discussions, adapted for different target groups of the project;

2/ hold at least 4000 film screenings and 4000 in-depth discussions of relevant human rights issues and reforms raised in the films of the Docu/Clubs network (nationwide film clubs network that  is continuously working in various public, state, educational, prison structures) across Ukraine as part of an awareness campaign;

3/ open new film clubs on the basis and/or hold joint screenings in cooperation with local authorities, united regional communities, free legal aid centers, probation detention centers, and other state bodies.

4/ hold at least 50 advocacy events on human rights reforms organized with the help of Docu/Clubs;

5/ organize a Docu/Clubs School for Coordinators to develop their professional skills and knowledge in human rights, moderation and mediation, communication, promotion, local fundraising, and other core competencies. Two six-day summer camps for 150-200 people, 15 thematic three-day seminars, two conferences are planned within the School.


As a result, the project will increase awareness of practical tools for human rights protection, current democratic human rights reforms in Ukraine and accompanying government campaigns, and how each organization and individual can help promote and implement them.

The project will facilitate the promotion and implementation of democratic human rights reforms in Ukraine at the regional and national levels, strengthening local participation and responsibility, and implementation of practical advocacy measures.


Today, the Network successfully operates across the country in schools, colleges, universities, libraries, NGOs, Euroclubs, free legal aid centers, correctional colonies and penitentiary educational institutions.  At the beginning of 2019, the Network consisted of 208 film clubs, and at the beginning of 2020 it numbered 270 film clubs. Each year, they hold over 2000 film screenings and discussions involving 40 thousand viewers.



Alla Tiutiunnyk, project director,



Hennadii Kofman, the uathor and the co-founder of the of the Docudays UA human rights media education online resource center and Docudays UA Film Library,

[email protected].


Tetiana Kulyk, project coordinator,

 [email protected].


Oleksandra Nabieva, communication coordinator,

[email protected]

Ihor Kofman, project coordinator, 

[email protected]


Olena Shulga, coordinator of the network of permanent Docudays UA human rights media education film clubs in educational facilities and libraries,

[email protected] 


Inna Kondratyeva, coordinator`s assistant, 

[email protected] 


Pavlo Shelukhin, financial manager,

[email protected] 


Oleh Duka, coordinator of the network of permanent Docudays UA human rights media education film clubs in educational facilities of the penitentiary system of Ukraine,

[email protected].



To increase the level of legal consciousness and awareness of citizens of Ukraine in sphere of human rights by providing human rights defenders, pedagogues, civil society leaders, employees of penitentiary system with media instruments and methodology for creation of constantly acting film clubs of media education in human rights Docudays UA
If you wish to use the film-collection of Docudays UA International Human Rights Film Festival, we invite you to join the network of permanent Docudays UA educational film clubs on human rights