On November 1, the DOCU/CLUB Network launched the DOCU ACTS 3.0 program. Throughout October, the Network team has been selecting participants of the new mentoring program for moderators. Inspired by the results of the previous two programs, we’ve decided to invite moderators who have already opened their own film clubs but have not yet participated in our training programs.
30 October 2023

For us, it is crucual that the Network develops, so that our new colleagues can benefit from the experience and best practices of the “pioneers” from the early days of their work.

40 moderators have started training in the third edition of the DOCU ACTS program.

Over the course of 4 months, the program participants will not only gain theoretical knowledge about organizing film clubs, holding screenings, and preparing discussions, but will also have the opportunity to practice under the guidance of their mentors. 

After completing the mentoring program, they will attend a 3-day advocacy training. Those moderators who are willing and ready to work on their advocacy projects will identify pressing issues in their communities and develop a detailed campaign plan.

In the process of developing their practical skills, the moderators will be trained and supported by 5 experienced mentors from the DOCU/CLUB Network.

Photo from Khrystyna Hataliak’s archive

Being a mediator, Khrystyna Hataliak has extensive experience of working at a film club. For a long time, she worked in the system of free legal aid. Currently, she is a moderator of the Lviv Film Club at the “Patronus” NGO. She was also a mentor during the previous DOCU ACTS 2.0 program.

Photo from Oleh Ohredko’s archive

Oleh Ohredko also has experience of mentoring in the DOCU ACTS program. His Docudays UA film club at the Almenda NGO worked first in Yalta, then in Berdiansk, and now in Chornomorsk, Odesa region. He teaches the Network's moderators how to implement and use online services during screenings and discussions with the audience.

Photo from Nataliya Kozhemyaka’s archive

Nataliya Kozhemyaka, moderator of the “Pravoznai” film club at the Kryvyi Rih Local Center for Free Legal Aid, joins the mentor team for the second time already. She participated in the DOCU ACTS program in 2021. Nataliya has successfully implemented an advocacy campaign to combat bullying and violence. She currently works at the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.

Photo from Larysa Holovko's archive

Larysa Holovko is a moderator of the Docudays UA film club in Zaporizhzhia at the NGO "Communication Center ‘Doloni.’" She also took part in the DOCU ACTS program in 2021. Larysa has an extensive experience working with people in difficult life circumstances. After the start of the full-scale invasion, she set up a film club in a bomb shelter.

Photo from Mariya Mendzhul’s archive

Mariya Mendzhul, a moderator of the Uzhhorod Docudays UA film club “Alternative,” was also a participant of the first DOCU ACTS program, where she co-initiated an advocacy campaign aimed at preserving the environment. She is the regional coordinator of the Traveling Docudays UA Festival in Uzhhorod.

The first meeting of the moderators with their mentees has already taken place. This week, active training, exchange of experience, and communication with new friends begins. In a month, we will see the first results of this work.

We are confident that DOCU ACTS 3.0 will light up new stars in the friendly DOCU/CLUB community. 

The development of the DOCU/CLUB Network is funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and Fondation de France.

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