The mentorship programme of the DOCU/CLUB Network. The results of the first month of work
In April, we launched the mentorship programme for the first time to increase the exchange of experience within the Network. The programme was joined by 30 moderators in five mentorship groups. The second month of their work will be over soon, and we are happy to share the first results.
27 May 2021

Who are the mentors of the DOCU/CLUB Network? They are experienced Network moderators who have hosted many successful film discussions and interesting interactive events. The mentees are the moderators who wish to receive consultations and advice from the mentors. Within the programme, the participants have group and individual meetings with the mentors who help their mentees to make a plan for their film club’s work, accompany them during the organization of screenings and help them solve the problems they encounter.

This year, the mentor team includes Natalia Zhebryk, Aliona Hlazkova, Oleh Okhredko, Khrystyna Hataliak, and Oksana Hil.

During their meetings, the mentors help the mentees to:

- plan the course of events;

- properly and effectively manage their film club’s social media pages;

- cover their film club’s events in the media;

- engage more participants in the events.

Mentors also support new moderators during their first events, accompany them and help them with moderation.

We have the first feedback about the programme from the participants:

Larysa Astrova, the film club at the Advocacy Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv:

“Wonderful impressions! Meaningful meetings, interesting discussions, useful advice on the films and supplementary materials, comfortable communication.”

Kateryna Pereveslova, the film club at CO Luhansk Regional Society “All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV”:

“I am grateful to Natalia Zhebryk for her support, for becoming a true mentor form me: she passes her experience on to me and helps me take the first steps towards the success and development of our film club.”

Liudmyla Veziuk, the film club at the Shepetivka Secondary School #1:

“It’s great that there are practical classes in addition to theoretical ones, and the mentor’s support during screenings. Personally I didn’t know at all where to start. And after a few meetings, I am already working on my own.”

Liubov Maksymenko, the film club at the Taras Shevchenko Secondary School #44 in Lviv:

“In the process of collaboration with the mentor, I designed a clear algorithm for moderating film screenings for secondary school students.”

Zoriana Sukhotska, Docudays 44 film club:

“I really like the friendly atmosphere in which all of our moderation takes place, there is a lot of practical advice!”

The results are equally telling: all of the participants have already conducted at least one screening, and some even four screenings. 


 We continue to follow the course of the programme and think of selecting the second group of participants. If you would also like to join the programme as a participant, email Tetiana Kulyk about this [email protected]. As soon as we recruit the group, we will announce the beginning of studies.


The DOCU/CLUB Network—For Reforms! project is funded by the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy.

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