Prisoners of Kanun
Director: Roser Corella
Country: Spain
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 30 min
Inclusive component:

The centuries-old custom of blood feuds has started blighting lives since the collapse of communism in Albania, where many families are living locked down in their houses in fear of blood vengeance. The ancestral code of Kanun includes the right to murder to avenge an earlier killing: ‘blood must be paid with blood’.

Roser Corella
Roser Corella is an independent documentary filmmaker and video journalist. Her work has been shown worldwide, winning numerous awards. Alongside her personal work, Roser collaborates with international media. Her fascination for the documentary genre, in the new digital landscape of communications that testifies to the medium’s inherent tensions and paradoxes, has led her around the world in search of stories to tell.
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