Sinners' Disease
Director: Jan Jaap Kuiper
Country: The Netherlands
Year of production: 2011
Duration: 56 min
  • Human dignity
  • Freedom of speech
  • Right to peacefully assemble
  • Discrimination
  • Minority rights
  • Students
  • Lawyers
  • Journalists
  • Pupils
  • Institutions of the state penitentiary system of Ukraine
  • Teachers
  • Activists / NGOs
  • Employees of penitentiary system

Sasha Volgina, a 31-years old Russian, is HIV positive and pregnant. At the moment, Russia has the fastest growing AIDS-epidemic in the world. More than 1 million Russian people have HIV, most of them younger than 35. In the meantime, there are not enough medicines available, the government does not invest in HIV prevention, and drug-users are being criminalized. Sasha leads a group of activists trying to do something about this situation. Filmmaker Jan Jaap Kuiper follows her in her daily struggle for survival.

Jan Jaap Kuiper

Jan Jaap Kuiper was born in 1976 in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. He graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy (NFTA) in 2008. For his graduation film Pyotr. Letters from the Gulag he received the Wild Card from the Dutch Film Fund and the VPRO Award for the Best Student documentary.

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