Why? Are You Lacking Faith?!
Director: Matvey Troshinkin
Country: Russia
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 55 min
  • Philosophy of Human Rights
  • Human dignity
  • Discrimination
  • Minority rights
  • Pupils
  • Activists / NGOs

The “otherwise gifted” boy, the son of the village priest wants to see the world from the belfry of his father's church. But he is unable to overcome the fear of unknown, and there comes his mom to help him. For whom this lift-up will became a heroic deed? And what really is the heroic deed of life - punishment or blessing?

Matvey Troshinkin

Matvey Troshinkin graduated from the actor’s faculty of Schepkin Higher Theatre School (Institute) (workshop of Yuri Solomin) in 2003. In 2007—2008 studied in the Moscow Independent School of Cinema & Television, former “Internews” (workshops of Vladimir Fenchenko and Marina Razbezhkina).

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